Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mr. Jet Ski - Part Deux

Well well well......

I don't know if the Alderman has done anything about the issue I noted earlier about jet ski launchings off of Jarvis Beach, but apparently the local neighbors are not happy.  Thus a call is going out to folks to attend the upcoming Sector Beat Meeting on September 22, 2011.  The jet ski launches will be coming up for discussion.

Beats 2422 and 2423 will be meeting at the same time.  I am not sure if they are meeting together or in separate rooms, but pay attention to which beat you belong to and attend the right meeting.

Beat 2422 Boundaries - Juneway (N), Jarvis(S), Clark (W) and the Lake (E)

Beat 2423 Boundaries - Jarvis (N), Lunt (S), Clark (W) and the Lake (E)

THURS. SEPT. 22, 2011 at 7 P.M.
BEAT 2423 CAPS Meeting
Location: Pottawatomie Park 7340 N. Rogers

I am told the Park District is receptive to ending the launchings.  What is left unsaid is whether the launchings are illegal.  When I find out I'll update the post.  In the meantime, if jet ski launchings are supposed to occur at the harbors, then Mr. Jet Ski needs to move his happy ass, and his friends, to the nearest approved location for jet ski fun in the sun.  The Park District can tell you where the harbors are located, and Jarvis Beach is no harbor.  Diversey may be the closest.

UPDATE - Best information is that the launchings are likely illegal, based on a survey and analysis of existing laws.  This may be why the Park District is ready to step up, but the Police Department does the actual enforcement, so they need to be on board as well.


proud beach goer said...

With so many problems in this neighborhood, perhaps you should find a new past time & devote it to doing some good in the world. Have you noticed the lack of the bad element of RP on Jarvis Beach lately due to the amount of families who now are on the beach enjoying said water sports? Did you know that these people are doctors, lawyers, congressmen, judges and Yes Virginia, off duty Chicago police? Therefore, if it was such a dereliction of the law, wouldn't they intervene instead of participate?

You have not written about the dozens of times the jet skiers have assisted the lifeguards in rescuing overzealous swimmers instead of having to call out the lifeguard cavalry and wasting taxpayer $$.

So once again, if you are truly a social/community activist, please use this negative energy in a positive way. There are many social service agencies in RP that could use your time. Please step away from the anonymity of a blog and letters to public agencies and go head first against the truly destructive elements who are wrecking havoc upon our wonderful neighborhood.

TTaylor said...

As a public safety worker who actually works on the lake, I can tell you unequivocally that the jet skiers are of little concern with regards to the safety of others. In fact, many times they served as first responders in an emergency and came to the aid of others. I can cite 4 incidents this summer that were it not for jet skiers, other members of the public would have drowned.
Make an objective analysis of what is going on on the beach in question. Compare that to others and you'll find you should be thankful that your beach is occupied by families simply enjoying each others company.

Bfclark said...

I'm curious. Aside from the queston as to whether it is legal or illegal to launch from jarvis beach, what had been the major benefactor to illicit this response? Has the beach been disturbed or damaged? Has litter been left behind, or abusive language been shouted out disturbing the neighbors? It may help resolute an outcome either in favor or against the complaint. I would like to know in order to prescribe a response.

Kheris said...

Fascinating. Two newbies on blogger run to the defense of jet skiers launching off Jarvis Beach. These maritime Knights in Shining Personal Watercraft (PWC) either have rescued overzealous swimmers "dozens of times" or there have been "4 incidents". Details would be nice, but none are provided. Since none of these incidents have been reported widely elsewhere, I am curious as to why my new friends think I know about these incidents, however many there have been.

My observation of the beaches I have been at, including Howard, Loyola, Leone, and elsewhere, is that they are full of families and others simply enjoying the beach, the parks, and each others' company. I don't think Jarvis Beach is incredibly special in that regard.

As for how I spend my time; you obviously don't know me. Try reading through the rest of this blog. The Alderman certainly knows who I am, and I do spend time working with others in a positive way. I don't see the need to blow my own horn over that because my focus is on service, not self aggrandizement.

I don't give a rat's ass if Mr. Jet Ski and his buddies are Warren Buffett's grandkids, special Friends of Mayor Rahmbo, or paragons of virtue such as off duty Chicago Police Officers or other public safety officers. If the law requires that they launch their PWC at one of the harbors, then that is what should be occurring. Alleged personal virtue is no excuse for violating the law. If anything, Mr. Jet Ski and his buddies should be operating in accordance with that virtue at all times, not merely when required or convenient.

beach blonde baby said...

Lighten up! It's a beach! Have fun! The folks you are talking about are respectable adults who have behaved in a responsible manor. A good time was had by all. You note that we don’t “know” you and that you do positive things. I won’t argue that. However, this is an extremely self righteous quest you’re on here. You sound like a child who was left out of the fun and is going to take her ball and go home. All this negative energy is not what beach going is about. There are bigger fish to fry. Seriously, lighten up.

Kheris said...

Define 'respectable'.

Are 'respectable' people the only ones who get to break the law because after all they are 'respectable'? Interesting concept. I'll have to try it some time.

DiZz said...

Based on your comments Kheris, it would sound as though you are simply trying to uphold the law. Is that true? If so, then perhaps you have a point. The law is the law afterall. Although I must ask, do you also try to uphold other laws? Do you call police when someone is parked too far from the curb? Do you call the police when someone liters? Do you contact the police when people wash their feet in the drinking fountain at Jarvis? What is it about this situation that causes you some much concern?

You must acknowledge, just because something is the law does not necessarily make it relevant. For example, did you know the Law forbids eating in a place that is on fire? Or it is illegal to give a dog whiskey or it is forbidden to fish while sitting on a giraffe’s neck or kites may not be flown within the city limits. Did you know in the Pullman area, it is illegal to drink beer out of a bucket while sitting on the curb?

My point is this, while it may technically be illegal to do something, it does not necessarily make it wrong or worth the interest of the community to enforce. So my question to you is, why the special interest in the jet ski's?

Kheris said...

Slavery was legal once too. But allow me to help you with this, since this issue evidently touched a sore spot. In fact, it's BOHICA time!!! Stand by for action!

Kheris said...


Prescribe away if you like. If there is a major benefactor it would be Mr. Jet Ski since he has avoided paying the launch fees to the Park District and, so far, any fines associated with violating the Chicago Park District Code.

beach blonde baby said...

Wow! You are a seriously negative person! So defensive and petty! Really you're comparing people having fun at a beach to slavery? I'll "perscribe" something for you, Lexapro. What? Did they not include you? Were you not invited to the party? Instead of questioning someone elses respectablility, why don't you "try" getting a life of your own and stop being such a drag. Perhaps someone should report you for walking around on that high horse.

beach blonde baby said...

You are a very unpleasant person. Snide, negative and disrespectful. Good thing you have the internet for a bully pulpit.

Kheris said...

Wow beach blonde baby. Careful there or folks might start stereotyping you. Breathe for a moment or two and pay closer attention to what I wrote and who it was in response to.

Since you didn't, let me help you out here. DiZz brought up the issue of laws that are outdated or silly. His point was that legal does not equal relevant. And I responded that slavery was legal once too, which was an acknowledgement that he is correct. However it has no bearing on the issue at hand. How you managed to morph my comment into a comparison of people having fun at the beach with slavery is a question only you can answer.

As for me questioning anyone's respectability, I don't believe I did. I asked you to define respectable and noted that it apparently was a criteria for breaking the law. After all you opened that door with this "The folks you are talking about are respectable adults who have behaved in a responsible manor."

The fact is, these folks are likely in violation of the Chicago Park District Code, Chapter VIII. If that is true, I don't know that I'd be characterizing their behavior as responsible. I'd still like to hear your definition of respectable.

You seem familiar with Lexapro, I am not so I googled it. I am not feeling the least bit anxious or depressed about Mr. Jet Ski's activities being 'outed'. Someone may need it, but it's not me.

As for high horses, I can't help but feel that you are sitting on one of your own. You sure know how to string adjectives together for an ad hominem attack when nothing else is available to you.