Thursday, September 08, 2011

Mr. Jet Ski

I have noticed a jet ski up in my neck of the woods from time to time.  I wasn't paying much attention, but I will be in the future, including next summer.  Why?  I recently learned that the owner of said watercraft has been launching off of Jarvis Beach.  

I am hearing that the Alderman is working the issue.  I hope so.  I did some research on the Chicago Park District code.  There are harbors for a reason.  Jarvis Beach is a public beach, although Mr. Jet Ski is ostensibly using the area roped off as private.  I don't think the Park District is very supportive of watercraft launches in the vicinity of swimming areas.  Watercraft and swimmers don't usually work well together.

I rode on a jet ski, and I watched it nearly sink courtesy of the shenanigans of some, allegedly, adult riders.

I have a working Nikon, and I get good pictures off it.  If Mr. Jet Ski intends to continue launching off Jarvis Beach, I intend to be there whenever I know about it.  Even if I have to wait until next summer.

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The North Coast said...

Anyone who has the dough to blow on fuel for a jet ski needs a very steep fine as an incentive to respect swimming zones.

Swimming zones need to be extended further out to protect swimmers and people in kayaks and canoes. I have seen too many boats driven way too fast, much too close to shore, this summer. Enforcement must be very lax.

Time to start restricting this atavistic, wasteful pastime.