Thursday, September 15, 2011

We WILL Find You! Jerk!

Had an interesting evening at the homestead here.

A delivery truck, no name, wound up in a westbound fender bender with a car in front of my building just before 7 PM.  He backed into her.  I came to the window and saw the drivers, a man (truck) and a woman (car) quietly exchanging information.  Nothing to look at here.  I walked away and then heard a shout and came back.

A young woman was tussling with a man next to a car parked along the side of the street just west of the truck.  Another car was parked in the street in front of the truck, both cars pointed eastbound.  He took her down and I called 911.  He then took off in his car through the alley, and no I was unable to get the license.

What happened -

The young woman pulled up and did not pull around the truck to continue because of the truck's position in the street.  She was on her way home to an apartment across from me.  The guy in the car pulls up on her left and starts shouting profanities at her and demanding that she move.  She says she can't, and gets out of her car (eeeek!).  He gets out and comes after her.  He swings first, which was either gutsy or plain stupid.  Turned out he is about my height, she is several inches taller.  She has long blond hair, which he yanks on.  She works out and bellows like a bull, alerting a neighbor in the basement of a townhome across the street, who comes out shouting.  One of the owners in my condo has opened up her sunroom windows and is shouting "I can see everything!"  The truck driver is trying to catch the action on cell phone video.  The lady whose car he hit is running to the rescue, then runs back to her car and takes off down the south alley.  During the struggle the guy threatens to "put a cap" into Blondie (she reveals this to the police when they show up).  He knocks her down (this is while I am dialing 911) and jumps into his car and heads towards the north alley.  His passenger has been shouting about the fact that filming is being done, laced with more profanities (this from one of the other witnesses).

By now the truck driver is in his vehicle and attempting to block the car from the alley, but is unsuccessful.  The lady who took off in her car zipped down the alley thinking she would come around and block him in, but realizes he is gone and continues to Rogers, where she catches up and confirms the license plate number.  Oh, and before I forget, Blondie managed to rip off his watch, which the police declare is "ours now".

I came out, the other condo owner came out, Mr. Town House was there, a passerby was there, and all of us had called 911.  Blondie was on the phone with 911.  So 5 calls.  CPD and CFD arrived with the paramedics, as did Blondie's dad who gently reminded his daughter that she should never get out of her car, and was otherwise a good dad looking out for his daughter.  She was hauled off to the ER for a look over.  Her dad drove her wheels home and then came back for his.  He was extremely grateful, as was Blondie, that several people jumped in when this went down.  I suspect the patrol officers were equally grateful, they thanked us for calling and said that was the best thing to do.

Blondie - 1 shiner, some new bumps, new bruises, some damage to her pride and a newfound appreciation for Dad's wisdom

The Police - 1 watch, description of the driver, description of the passenger, description of the car and a license plate number.   The clock is ticking but I think they will prevail.

The Perp - Epic Fail!  Is jail time in his future?  Who knows, but threatening to "put a cap" in someone is not what I'd expect from Mama's Little Darling.

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