Friday, February 18, 2011

The Ages Of Mankind

I am a big fan of Tom Whipple, who writes on energy and climate change.  His latest details the transitions humanity has made over the millenia,and the one we are now facing.  When it is all said and done, whether or not there is free parking at Loyola, or a TIF to fund affordable housing won't matter in the long run.  The problem is, we aren't preparing for the long run, and none of our candidates are offering much in the way of ideas to start us down the road.

What is being offered is focused on substituting what we currently use/do for an alternative that will let us keep on keeping on.  That future, assuming it materializes at all, will be very short lived.  Let's hope we don't kill ourselves and our neighbors in an effort to keep business as usual going.  There are going to be too many of us too soon, and not enough for everyone to have a sustainable slice of the pie.

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