Thursday, February 17, 2011

OK - I Am Not The Only One

I actually do have a life outside this blog, all my recent political posts notwithstanding.  A meeting I hosted just broke up and out of the blue one of the attendees announces that she can't stand Joe's negative mailers.  I am not making this up.  I didn't bring it up, I didn't prompt her, she just blurted it out.  That was followed by a chorus of agreement from the other attendees.  These folks are much younger than I, and are not impressed by negative (I call them FUD) mailers.  I asked about the other mailers that came out touting Joe's record and efforts for the ward.  Loved them.  But those last two?  Hated them.

I don't think Joe changed any minds in this group with those mailers.  Which may be to his benefit, or not.  I didn't take a poll.

On a related note; Brian White's robocall program apparently is stuck in an endless loop.  One of the attendees reports that the robot calls every night, same recorded message.  Nothing endearing about that either.  She just hangs up or deletes the voice mail if it goes that far.

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