Saturday, February 19, 2011

OK - I Am Not The Only One - Part Deux & More

*Well DANG!!  I have talked to Friends of Joe, Fans of Joe, and No Moore Joe folks and the verdict is unanimous - the FUD mailers are DUD (Dumb und Dumber) mailers.  No one I talked to supported Joe's use of FUD/DUD mailers.  Unfortunately, one of Joe's operatives - Mr. The Most Dangerous Operative In The City - has gone so far as to describe the folks who are actively opposed to Joe as "I Don't Like Joe Zombies".  It would seem demonization (a FOJ used the term) is alive and well via FUD mailers and a snarky (at best) Facebook post by an avowed operative.  Joe has ownership of the FUD/DUD mailers and the operative, which tells us more than we might want to know about his true approach to campaigning.

Here is Joe's explanation for not attending the New Direction for Change* forum this afternoon:

I've attended two candidate debates during the campaign that were fair and balanced forums sponsored by neutral parties. The "forum" you are attending is sponsored by an organization whose leader is an avowed Brian White supporter. The forum's moderator is Michael Harrington, who ran against me for alderman in 2003 and whose campaign manager was none other than Brian White. Hardly the makings of a neutral impartial forum. I will busy this afternoon meeting voters one-on-one and talking about the issues.

I did not send a representative, so anyone who professes to speak on my behalf at the forum is speaking only for him or herself.

Joe's explanation is unpersuasive, and I will post separately on this although Joe can rest easy as no one spoke for him.  However, the fact that the forum was sponsored by an organization that is actively supporting Brian does not mean that the deck was stacked against Joe*.  Blane Roberts spoke, as did "Dock" Walls.  The format was consistent - opening statement/questions/closing statement.  The audience was not inclined to cut anyone any slack, including Brian.  Joe could have helped himself with this  audience, but chose not to.

Joe was also afforded an opportunity to participate in the Howard Area Leadership Candidate Forum but chose to send his hot to trot operative instead, who cheerfully reports on FB that he evaded Sister Cecilia after the forum ended and he was asked to leave.  Brian attended this forum, and the effect was electric among the young people present.  Surely Joe understands the value of capturing the imagination of young people, but for whatever reason he missed out on this opportunity.

 What is important is that whoever wins is stuck with the constituents God gave him (no her running this year).  Message to Joe - You are stuck with all of us.  GET OVER IT!!!  I know I will.

On a related note, our very own Pink Lady NOH will likely have to change colors given the new postcards being sent to the Northpoint residents.

ETA - Changed Neighbors for Change to New Direction for Change and,

*I received an email from Brian White regarding New Direction for Change.  According to Brian, the organization has not declared its support for him, although individual members of the organization do support him.

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