Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Morning Wake Up Call

I strolled into my living room just before 7 to the sound of a helicopter buzzing overhead.  A quick check of WGN and I find Rogers Park has become the destination of a suburban car jacker in a taxi.  He zipped down Sheridan, turned on Estes, then switched to an alley, which he followed to Morse (I think) where a police van was waiting.  He went right, then left on Clark and zipped down Clark until he met his demise.  Turns out he doesn't read turn signals well.  A school bus was turning left on Columbia and rather than go around it on the right he sallied forth to the left and connected with the bus' bumper, then bounced into a telephone pole.  He exited through the driver's window feet first and tried to run.  He got as far as the entry to the parking lot.  He was last seen being put into a squad car.

Nothing like a little excitement to perk up a dreary morning.

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