Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From Blane Roberts Press Release

January 25, 2010

 Where Has Joe Moore been?!…It’s about Ballot Access!

Where has “progressive” Incumbent 49th Ward Alderman been for twenty years for open and fair election rules?! We all should ask. He has not challenged any elections rules because it benefits him!!

I am disturbed that all of the pundits and our political leadership are not addressing the issue related to ballot access.  Rahm Emmanuel is being affected by the laws and rules that he and his colleagues have allowed for years.  The officials of our state and city have used such confusing, inconsistent and arcane laws to limit ballot access.  There are countless of people (not just Rahm) who have been denied ballot access for minor issues. Regardless of who you support in the Mayoral and Aldermanic races, it is clear that it has never been about fairness otherwise I would be on the ballot. I am however a WRITE-IN Candidate in part by the election rules created for and by incumbent elected officials!

If you want political reform don’t expect it from the same crop of elected officials!  To learn more about my political reform go to 49thforroberts.com.

Blane Roberts
Write-In Candidate
49th Ward

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