Wednesday, January 30, 2008

On the Huckabee Trail

I didn't intend to go down the Huckabee path, but I belong to a LiveJournal community known as Dark Christian. One of their chief posters, DogEmperor, does a lot of research about dominionist Christianity. Today, I came across his piece at Daily Kos about Huckabee's ties to reputed cultist Bill Gothard (Wiki notes that the article has been in dispute since July 2007, read the Talk tab for more.) I settled for Wiki when the link Google brought up for Gothard's page failed. If anyone gets it working, let me know.

Apparently ol Huck may be even more dangerous than I thought. Ol Dubya may be walking along with the same crowd too. Not a comforting thought at all. Glad Dubya is on the way out, but he still has time to muck things up. Here's hoping for a Democrat win since I fear Huck is going to be playing Kingmaker for the Repubs.

On a side note - given Gothard's philosophical/spiritual leanings, I wonder if Tanya would make common cause with him insofar as the issue of discipline is concerned. He cites Matthew, she cites Proverbs. Sounds like a match to me.

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