Wednesday, January 30, 2008

This Really Sucks!!

You have heard about the Lauterbach case I am sure. She's the young Marine in North Carolina allegedly killed by another Marine who allegedly raped her. She was also pregnant when she died. Well it seems our good friends from Westboro Baptist Church (you remember them - the same crew protesting Heath Ledger) are going to picket the Lauterbach funeral. Remember, it's all about how God hates America because America tolerates gays, and our military men and women are dying because God wants to punish America for this. I am sure Cpl Lauterbach's parents don't quite see it that way. But for Shirley Phelps and crew, Lance Cpl Lauterbach is a fair target in eyes of the Westboro crowd regardless of how she died, so off to Ohio they will go.

Ah the First Amendment. It's a wonderful amendment, I fully support it. I suppose the presence of the Westboro Baptists (a discreet 300' from the funeral site) is the price we pay for such freedom. I could head over to Ohio to point and mock in person, that's covered by the First too if I recall correctly. But I have to remember - they are probably batsh*t insane, poor things, and just don't know any better. The Patriot Guard will be there, and that should be sufficient.

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The North Coast said...

It ruined my day just to read about this. How indecent and savage can people be?

I feel very sad for the poor young woman's survivors. It's bad enough for your child to be savagely murdered, but it's worse when a mob of sanctimonious savages referring to themselves as "Christians" blame the victim.