Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Rahm won.  I wish there had been a runoff, but so be it.  His supporters will cheer loudly.  He will insist he is the choice of the people.  Really?

The tally for the turnout is less than 45%.  Only 41.22% of registered voters actually voted.  Based on the numbers posted as I write, Rahm wins as Mayor, due to the votes of 22.5% of the registered voters.  That is not a mandate.  In my view the remaining 59% who chose not to vote handed over their power to those who did vote.  I can't change that fact, but fact it is.

Rahm will be doing as much as he can to put his agenda in place.  No doubt we will hear from the whiners about what he is doing and why it is wrong.  I voted, not for Rahm, but I was part of the 41.22% who made the effort to vote.  I may have plenty to say, but it will come from a position of authority as a VOTER!  I am not buying that the other 59% all have a note from Mom as to why they couldn't get out and vote.  You chose to give up your power, now deal with the implications of THAT!

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