Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Location Location Location

I heard that position on the ballot is very important.  First or last is advantageous.  Middle, not so much.  The Board of Elections has the unofficial candidate list posted.  Page 18 shows the ballot positions for the 49th Ward candidates.  If all five candidates actually run, Joe Moore is stuck in the middle.  Could this work to the advantage of Brian White, who is at the bottom?

I personally hope there are three candidates, Roberts, Moore and White.  I think it would make for an interesting campaign.  Can we choose an alderman without a runoff?

Regardless of the number, I want to know how challengers will distinguish themselves from the incumbent.  Simply running 'against' doesn't cut it in my book.  That is a surefire recipe for defeat, at least this year.  Moore will take the stance of the penitent, who found God at the point of a runoff that he just barely won.  He will point to his efforts to be responsive and focus on the ward.  He will have stuff he can wave about as evidence of his commitment to his constituents.  Any challenger will have to show that it is too little, too late, and that key issues in the ward are not being addressed.  They will have to do so with great specificity and then go on to show how/why they are the better choice.

On the mayoral side we have 15 possible candidates for Mayor, of which 6 are facing challenges.  The top of that ballot list is Danny Davis.  Rahm Emanuel is number two, followed by de Valle and Braun.  15 candidates is a lot.  Even nine candidates is a lot.  This campaign could give new meaning to the concept of "rough and tumble" in a campaign.  I just hope it is a civil and substantive campaign, with the drama kept at a low roar.  In the meantime, I'll be watching to see if there is any truth to the notion about ballot position.

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