Sunday, November 28, 2010

Whither Transition

I am a member of Transition Rogers Park, which is part of the global Transition movement.  As we work on getting our message out to the community I have wondered what impact we are really having.  Today I came across this article at The Huffington Post and it neatly lays out the difficulties in getting Americans to embrace Transition to the extent that the English have.  We may have shared language, but our history, particularly that of WWII, reflects a significant difference in experiences.  The consequence is a different approach to the most important challenge of this century.  The article references a post by Michael Brownlee that gives more detail and context.

I have to say that reading these two articles gave me a sense of validation about what I have been feeling about Transition, while reinforcing that we need to get on with it.  I am part of the "walking worried" and though I keep hope alive, I am not a naive optimist.  Change is coming, and we either prepare for it or risk getting clobbered over the head by it via crisis.  Getting clobbered and finding myself in a metaphorical "pants down" position is not how I prefer to deal with change.  What about you?

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