Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taking Over From BP - Wrong Idea

A lot of folks seem to think that Obama needs to put the cleanup under the control of the government. Nice idea but it fails to acknowledge an important consideration; the government does not have the resources at hand. BP, on the other hand, does. And there is a lot more involved than most folks realize. There are no magic wands to be waved here, and I seriously doubt the Divinity is going to intervene.


The North Coast said...

Why on Earth should the taxpayers have to front the bill for this? Do we not already subsidize oil consumption in this country enough, with our ceaseless highway building, sprawl-zoning, and Middle Eastern oil wars?

We will be stuck with many costs pursuant to this disaster as it is. the Gulf States economies are wrecked and I expect massive increases in the prices of seafood over the next few years as the marine life of the gulf collapses.

Obama must believe that the only thing you have to do to get money is print it. He and his similarly privileged brethren at the top of the socio-economic heap can bear the consequences of that, but the rest of us cannot.

Kheris said...

Americans think in terms of instant response and solutions. They don't do well with ambiguity. Not saying that is the way to be, just saying that is a part of the problem.