Monday, March 15, 2010

Time for Tax Reform

The Washington Post, has an article about reforming the Internal Revenue Code. The author, Ezra Klein, is in favor of it. So am I.

As a former IRS employee I can say with authority that the code is a pain. It is a dumping ground for Congressional favors to businesses as well as individuals. The result is a level of complication that frightens most people, even when they file uncomplicated returns. I use TurboTax, and I am happy with it, but I do believe we can make the code and the filing process simpler and more fair. Those who have deductions and credits that most folks never heard of will of course disagree. Too bad. If we can get the rates down yet keep the revenue stream where it's at (for the moment) then let's get going! Imagine only requiring a one page form to file! I'd love to get back to those days, but that seems unlikely right now.

Contact your Congressional rep and Senator. Tell them to get behind tax reform and do it now!

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