Monday, March 15, 2010

More Catholic Paranoia

A couple of days ago I wrote about pedophilia committed by Catholic priests and nuns. I included a recommendation that the Church reconsider its position about homosexuality based on current science and understanding of gender orientation and human sexuality. Now comes a story out of Boulder, Co. of a lesbian couple whose children are being expelled from their Catholic school. The women finally agreed to be interviewed by The National Catholic Reporter and this is what they have to say about the mess.

In reading the comments it is pretty clear that most of the commenters feel this is a travesty. More telling are the comments by others; gay parents and Catholic teachers of the children of gay parents. Evidently some parishes are more accepting than others.

The Denver heirarchy claims that it is sparing the children from the confrontation that will occur when teachings on morals meets reality. But never let it be said the Church can't be as contradictory as the average secularist. According to the mothers, Fr. Breslin recommended CCD classes as an alternative to attending the parish school. If you believe that the Church leaves out its teachings on marriage and family because the venue is different, then I know a very nice cemetary next to Ohare that I'd like to talk with you about, so get your checkbook ready.

Are the clergy in Denver so daft that they really believe thinking people would willingly accept such hogswallow? Whether it occurs in the school or in CCD, the difference will be readily apparent at some point for these children. So just who is it that the Diocese is protecting?

Back when Galileo was scanning the heavens the Church threatened him and made him step away from his scientific conclusions that challenged the Church's cosmological view. Science is changing the way we look at homosexuals and clearing the fog and misconceptions about why people are the way they are. Loving, respectful, mutually enhancing relationships are not the sole province of heterosexuals and it is nonsense to believe that only heterosexuals are able to share a lifetime commitment to each other, and the physical intimacy that comes with it. I hope that one day the Church will come to that realization, but it may take centuries, just as it did with its apology for its treatment of Galileo.

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