Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Throwing The Bums Out & Term Limits

Over at Facebook there are 46 groups espousing throwing the bums out (the incumbents in the Congress and Senate), and at least 2 more groups espousing term limits. A few of the former look like they are candidate sites. Regardless, I never thought I'd say it but the time has come for term limits.

House members should serve, at the max, 6 terms, that is 12 years and more than enough time to make a difference. Senators should be limited to 2 terms, also 12 years and, again, more than enough time to make a difference. Anything longer than that seems to breed indifference and a notion of entitlement to the job.

Our Aldermen should be limited to 2 terms, that is 8 years. The same for the Mayor. And I would suggest the same for the County elected officials. These are not supposed to be jobs for life. You either serve, make a difference and move on, or you serve and move on. We don't need to pay you for a lifetime no-work job.

I'd throw all the bums out this year if I thought it could be done, and we do need to do that. Both parties need to get a clue and I can't think of a better way to get the point across.

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