Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Coming to a theater near you? Food Inc.

From The National Catholic Reporter an article about the movie Food Inc. The movie details the oligopoly in the agricultural sector. For my friends on the right, something to think about as we consider the tradeoff of efficient factory farms for those of the past:

“While making the film,” director Kenner said, “I met a cattle rancher who told me ‘You know, we used to be scared of the Soviet Union or we used to think we were so much better than them because we had many places to buy things, and choices. We thought if we were ever taken over, we’d be dominated, we’d have to buy from one company, and that’s not the American way. You look around now, and there’s one or two companies dominating everything. We’ve become what we were always terrified of.’

“It seems so un-American that we would be dominated and intimidated by these companies.”

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