Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Presidentially Speaking

I am no fashion maven, but Nancy Pelosi needs a dresser. There, I said it!!

The President's speech was long on rhetoric and short on real substance, and that is a reality I have come to expect from such addresses, regardless of party. What he really intends will show up in the various bills proposed by the Congress to meet his agenda. He still doesn't get it regarding energy and our dependence on foreign oil. So long as cars run on fossil fuels we'll be looking to the Middle East for the oil to make gasoline.

The standing ovations were numerous, and typical, for this venue.

Once again, though, the IRS is thrown into the breach to burst forth with tax reductions and checks during its busiest time of year. I think I'll contact the Vatican and propose a cause for canonization for the entire agency.

Fairness in the tax code? HA! Anyone want to put down some cash with a Vegas bookie on that one?

Gov. Jindal's biggest purpose was to offer mea culpa's on behalf of the Republicans, along with an earnest Act of Contrition. Te Absolvo, maybe, and say a few dozen Our Fathers and Hail Marys while you are at it Guv. I suggest you bone up on fossil fuels along with El Presidente. At least the Republicans had the good sense to keep Palin under wraps for this speech. By the way I saw Michigan's Granholm go a round with her Republican peer from S. Carolina on Sunday. YOU GO GIRL!!! McCain missed a real opportunity in not taking her on as the VP candidate.

Meanwhile, Roland Burris still holds the title of Senator, and Illinois can hardly make the claim Jindal did for Louisiana regarding ethics.


Craig Gernhardt said...

All these great topics, so little words. I rarely say this about other neighborhood blogs, but you left me wanting more.

I felt the Republicans threw Jindal under the bus as the rebuttal guy. No back-up, no one standing behind him.

Still, under the pressure, he didn't do half bad -- considering you're following the current world champion of speech-givers. Man, can that man deliver a speech. I was about ready to make a tin-foil hat and wear it if the speech went any longer.

Kheris said...

Thanks Craig. My only excuse is that it was late, I was tired, fighting a cold and facing a 4:30 AM wakeup so I oculd get on a plane today. There is so much going on that I want to comment about, and being pithy and brief is a challenge for me.