Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Looking at the Election

Voting was easy for me, but I read enough to know that problems are out there.

I was up late last night, watching the returns come in, listening to the speeches, and hearing the fireworks and shouts of joy when Obama's election was announced. Truly historic, and his story about the 106 year old voter put it all in a positive context. He is quite the speaker and his speech hit all the right notes in my opinion. McCain, to his everlasting credit, was gracious in defeat, even if some of his backers weren't. I read a blogpost that described Palin as looking like a cheerleader who flunked the tryouts. She'll be back....

Obama did not win a mandate, even though he swamped McCain in the electoral votes. It was close in the popular vote. He has a lot of work ahead of him, and part of that will be to convince the 48% who didn't vote for him that they have nothing to fear. The first year will probably be the key to the rest. He blows that and he'll be a one term president.

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