Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Day

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You have The Power! USE IT!

Tomorrow we get to participate in what is, in our lifetime, likely the most historically significant election we will ever witness. No matter who you favor, get out and VOTE!

Having problems VOTING? The Illinois Ballot-Integrity Project offers these opportunities to report problems and irregularities -

On Election Day if you encounter any problems at the polls, please, please, please, report them to all 4 of the following places;

1) Illinois Ballot Integrity Project at
We have affidavits and reporting forms on our website to download but if you do not have forms, get names, addresses and contact information from the voters, have them right down what happened to them at the polls, have them sign it and date it and then you can blog us or fax us with the information at 773-275-7946 or even send the report in by snail mail to IBIP, 5858 N. Talman, Chicago, IL 60659

2) 1-866-OUR VOTE, especially if you need a lawyer to help you right then at the polls or you need to find your polling place and can't get it from your Election Division hotline!

3) The media;
-Bob Koehler of the Tribune has agreed to take reports at and you can send them to all of your media links as well.
-Call it into your local TV or radio news desk if you want to try to get some media right then and there at your polling place-take the numbers of the local media with you to the polls!

4) The Chicago Bar Association is asking voters to fill-out the attached one-page affidavit if they did not receive the 1 page corrective flier that was supposed to be given out to every voter about the Constitutional Convention ballot issue and return it to the Chicago Bar Association at or fax to 312-554-2054.

Here are some important numbers for Election Day;

1-866-OUR VOTE

In Chicago:
- Chicago Board of Elections Main Line 312-269-7900
-Election Central for legal, investigative and language assistance, 5am to 10pm, Election day only 312-269-7870
-To verify registration and for proper Precinct Polling Place 312-269-1604
- League of Women Voter's Hotline 312-939-5935 ext 28

In Suburban Cook County:

-General Info 312-603-0906

-Voter Verification and Polling Place info 312-603-0239

-Legal Help 312-603-0236

-Help or questions from the disabled 312-603-0944


State's Attorney Election Day Hotline 312-603-7960
US Attorney Election Day Hotline 312-469-6157
US Attorney's Election Day Civil Rights Hotline 800-253-3931

*****If you have a camera and catch some footage outside the polls of long voter lines or any irregularities then go to with the footage, it can also be sent to your local media but don't forget to call 1-866 OUR VOTE to tell them about it too, then drop us a note at!!!


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