Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!!

And it has for now.

I came home Saturday to a flooded O'Hare airport,if you can imagine that. Taxiways blocked, access roads under runways flooded, the ingress to the Arrivals area blocked by water, 190 blocked, CTA not running, and the basement level tunnel connecting the terminals featured standing pools of water with water dripping at varying rates out of the ceiling. I wound up going to the International Terminal 2 hours after arriving from DC so I could catch a cab home. Did I mention we taxied through a foot of water to reach our gate? One comedian commented that he should have brought his surfboard after he saw the waves we were making. My UAL sister in OKC reported that flights at O'Hare got cancelled after the fuel trucks couldn't get to the gates to fuel the aircraft.

Then there was Ike, paying a visit to my Houston relatives. They live in Spring, just to the west of I-45 and about 25 miles or so N of Houston. Roof is still attached, the big trees are standing, but the street flooded and the privacy fence is damaged. All this after a "night from hell" according to my aunt, who declared it the worst night of her life. They lost power about 2:30 AM on Saturday and not expecting it back for a week or two, or three. Their son, who lives further north in Conroe, apparently has power.

An eventful weekend, and it was just wind and water. I saw the flood watches and warnings, hopefully all of you reading this are safe.

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