Tuesday, September 23, 2008

George Will and Obama

Much is being made of today's article by George Will. It is being trumpeted in some circles as a low-key endorsement of Obama. It is nothing of the sort. At best, I believe Will is attempting to warn the folks at campaign HQ that their candidate is going to sink his own ship.

On September 18 he offered some suggestions for McCain to consider, opining that selecting Palin was not going to be enough. He is not jumping for joy, but neither has he dismissed her.

George Will is a true conservative, and I respect his grasp of the issues even if I don't agree. He is part of the intellectual elite (although I don't know if he sees himself as such), and he could probably run rings around Palin on the issues. If he is seeing problems with McCain, sufficient to comment on them, it's long past time for McCain's campaign HQ to get the message and deal with it. The upcoming debate on Friday should be very interesting.

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