Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Arctic Discovery

As you may have heard, the Arctic ice cap is of great concern to climate scientists. Increasing losses in the overall ice pack, while good news for ships looking to shave travel time, may trigger a feedback loop that results in greater losses more quickly until the North Pole is mostly, if not all, open ocean. The warming trend has also raised worries about methane in the permafrost. Until now, methane buried below sea-bed permafrost was thought to be safe from release. Until Now.

Methane is worse than carbon dioxide as a contributor to global warming, per the scientists. If they are right, and if the seabed methane is being released in significant quantities, what about the methane in and under the permafrost on dry land? Presumably that is melting too, and being released.

This month has been just chock full of good news.

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