Monday, July 21, 2008

Unringing the bell -- It's No Longer Official

Gracious. I never cease to marvel at how the universe turns and beckons us on our journeys. In the beginning of June I grumbled about being labeled a failure. A couple weeks after that I said It's Official, I'm Outta Here! Yeah, little did I know.

Last week while in Portland I was cornered in the hallway by a very abashed Team Lead who asked if I'd consider taking on the leadership of the team I volunteered to work on. It took about 1 second for the other shoe to drop, and I laughed like a hyena and told her I'd consult my kitchen cabinet. Dinner and a few Diet Cokes later I made my decision. I am staying for another year. Retirement will be Halloween 2009.

In looking at the request and my decision, and then crunching the numbers today, this looks like a better choice than retiring this year. It will also enable me to put my money where my mouth is. This team is all about organizational change, and communications. I have been fussing to all that will listen that we need to start dealing with change issues now. What's that warning about being careful about what you wish for?

I won't be giving up the ghost on Peak Oil of course, and I'll stay as in tune as possible on Rogers Park issues, but this is a challenge, and if well done I go out on a higher note than I would have this year.

Now if my mojo would just get working on helping me find Mr. Right I'd be a very very happy camper.

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