Sunday, June 15, 2008

Still Here and Still Smoooookin'!!

On June 9 I wrote about a close encounter of the executive kind and how I felt about it. I have since received feedback from more than one person that the post caught their attention and they were concerned about me.

First of all, I do appreciate the concern and I thank you for letting me know.

Secondly, when I let off steam and rant, be grateful. Because when I button up and shut down, well it's time to sound the sirens and evacuate! I seldom shut down as I prefer to ventilate and a blog is a good way to do that as it is read by those who choose to read it, versus bending some poor soul's ear over a drink about an issue s/he knows nothing about aside from my being upset. (Ok so that was a run-on sentence or something. Sue me!)

On the two occasions that I did shut down it wasn't pretty, and in one case I carried the fallout for years. Still picking the remnants off me like so many stubborn cat hairs hooked to a wool sweater.

So keep those e-cards and e-mails coming if you think I need a boost (and if you think I do then I probably do), and fear not....that steam you see pouring through your monitor's vents will dissipate quickly into the ether.

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