Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Is It Peak Yet?

Maybe yes, maybe no. In the meantime, consider this:

United Arab Emirates are pumping oil at full tilt. They intend to pump more over time, but right now they are at their limit.

Shell is going to increase production in Alberta. Do you want your water with or without toxins?

Privatizing toll roads. It's not necessarily 'pay to play', but it isn't necessarily in our best interest either. Public transit, especially in congested areas like DC (and Chicago), would be a better use of funds in my humblest of humble opinions.

George Carlin on politicians. Hold up the mirror and take a peek. Or, watch this instead.

Watch for a big shakeout in the airline industry. Delta already announced buyouts, and they may find others joining them. Reading the article got me to thinking about my UAL sister. How much longer before United starts closing more stations?

How about water as an investment commodity? Now that's incredibly scary.

We are certainly living in interesting times.

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