Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fixing the Math

In my post Getting Real I managed to foul up my math.

A Congressional Term lasts 2 years, and I managed to parlay it into 6 years to describe the relative productivity of Senators Clinton and Obama. I specifically said this:

On Average -
Senator Clinton sponsored 47 items a year for the 7 years she has served (+/-) of which 13% were approved/passed.

Senator Obama sponsored 113 items for his first year in his first term, of which 16.8% were approved/passed.

I should have stated that Senator Clinton sponsored 327 items over the past 3 years, which comes to ~109 items/year. With that correction I can say that she and Senator Obama are probably equivalent in terms of productivity. My conclusion still stands that Senator Obama was ready and hit the ground running when he entered the Senate. He had a plan and went to work Day One. I would expect as much if he is elected President.

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