Thursday, February 21, 2008

Getting Real

So Senator Clinton wants us to get real about Obama, and insists she is ready Day One to lead. According to Thomas, Senator Clinton sponsored 177 bills and resolutions during the 109th session of Congress. She apparently signed on as co-sponsor to numerous others. Of the 177 items she sponsored:

8 were resolutions, of which 4 were agreed to in the Senate
87 were Amendments, of which 20 were agreed to in the Senate
82 were Public Bills, of which 1 (S.3613 naming a Post Office Building) was signed by the President.

She's been working even harder at it during the 110th Congress, sponsoring 150 bills and resolutions. Of the 150:

11 were resolutions, of which 7 were agreed to in the Senate
46 were Amendments, of which 10 were agreed to in the Senate
93 were Public Bills

Now Hillary would have us believe that she is ready Day One, and Barack is just some inexperienced upstart. So what has the good Jr. Senator been up to since joining the Club on the Hill? Well for a guy who is just starting out, he hasn't done badly; he has sponsored 113 bills and resolutions (and co-sponsored a bunch more). Dick Durbin sponsored 148 items to date in the 110th. Of the 113 Obama sponsored:

8 were resolutions, of which 2 were agreed to in the Senate
50 were Amendments, of which 6 require prospective contractors being considered for contracts >= $5M must prove they have no Federal tax liability (score for the taxpayers!) and 17 were agreed to in the Senate
55 were Public Bills

On Average -
Senator Clinton sponsored 47 items a year for the 7 years she has served (+/-) of which 13% were approved/passed.

Senator Obama sponsored 113 items for his first year in his first term, of which 16.8% were approved/passed.

One could argue based on the foregoing that Senator Obama has been, on average, more productive and slightly more successful than his rival. It's probably safe to say he hit the ground running, with a plan, on Day One!

Perhaps it's time for Senator Clinton to get real!

**** Thomas doesn't always pop the stuff that passed, you may have to do hand counts to get number of Amendments approved in the Senate.

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