Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Jarvis Square Community Mtg: Taste

Just back from my first community meeting. Met Chris Adams and Don Gordon. Got to chat briefly with both about my Peak Oil email. Don't know if Jim Ginderske was there, I didn't see him from where I was.

The new business for Jarvis Square is a small wine and cheese shop named Taste. The plan is to sell fine wines (this would leave out much of Dominick's inventory), craft beers (ditto - no Miller time here), fine cheeses, baguettes, prepared sandwiches and salads, and some sliced meats. In talking with one of the principals, they would like to get to some of the specialty meats and mousses seen elsewhere if there is a demand for it. No spirits to be sold here.

Parking is, again, an issue. JoMo said he'd hold a community meeting on the issue of possible permit parking. At least one attendee is totally opposed to permit parking, but I didn't come away with the feeling she had a lot of support. In any case, JoMo heard again that parking issues are important to the locals. Joe was reminded that the Jarvis stop could use some serious sprucing up, like a paint job and power wash, to make it more welcoming. I agree.

Overall, I think the group's concerns regarding cheap wine and spirits were addressed. The owners want to keep the 'riff-raff' out. The consensus is to go forward. Joe figured it would come out that way so already introduced the ordinance to lift the moratorium. Had the group been opposed he would have tabled it.

Taste sounds like it will be a fun place once it opens, currently targeted for May 1, 2007 if everything falls into place. The owners are experienced business owners, and Chef Aubriot lives in RP, a few blocks from the business. The Gruppo d'Amici owners report that they are getting customers from outside the ward and the city, specifically to visit their restuarant. That is good news as that is in addition to local traffic. The same could come true for Taste.

Also, an eyesore building over by Jarvis and Ashland, which I am not familiar with, was purchased by a new owner. The church leasing space there, along with a small grocery store, will be history. The owner has some ideas about development, including a fitness center. This should be really interesting. Stay tuned.


fargo mom said...

Joe never said he was going to have a community meeting on permit parking. He said that there was obviously strong opinions on both sides regarding it and would be addressed later. I was the one against permit parking and had more that one person come up to me afterwards thanking me for my comments. Whenever you take the public way and divide it into those who can and those who can't you turn a neighborhood into an unfriendly and uninviting place to be in and to visit. Thanks for blogging on local issues I read them regularly.

Kheris said...

Thanks, although I thought I heard a commitment. My error.

Anyway, if Matt Simmons is right, it's all academic.

Sheesh said...

Thanks for sharing, as this is the first I have heard of the projected opening date for Taste (can't wait!) and I'm glad to hear that there is some development planned for the building on the corner of Jarvis and Ashland.