Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mr. Jet Ski & The Bad Element of RP

It seems I have upset Mr. Jet Ski's friends.  Proud beach goer asserts that I need to find some other use for my time, as Mr. Jet Ski, et al have been busy saving Jarvis Beach from the "bad element of RP."  Not only that, they are heroic first responders having "assisted the lifeguards in rescuing overzealous swimmers instead of having to call out the lifeguard cavalry and wasting taxpayer $."  "Dozens of times" they have answered the call of duty.  Excuse me while I wipe a tear from my eye.  Who knew that so many "doctors, lawyers, congressmen, judges and Yes Virginia, off duty Chicago police," along with their families, are standing guard on Lake Michigan's shores at our very own Jarvis Beach, ready to protect us from the "bad element" in our community, and save precious taxpayer dollars rescuing "overzealous swimmers"?

TTaylor claims to be a public safety officer, although s/he is not inclined to say which department s/he belongs to, and agrees that I need to find a more constructive use of my time.  S/he does take issue with proud beach goer regarding the number of incidents, whittling it down to four after asserting "many incidents."

There are no names of course.  Our heroes are far too modest to claim their rightful glory.  Which is very interesting in the case of elected officials who will turn over each and every rock within view to illuminate all the good they do, thus justifying being retained in office.  As for the off duty police officers, one would think the department would trumpet every opportunity to display their commitment to the community they serve, yet they too are strangely shy.  It's really too bad because I have a couple of friends I shared this tale with, and they'd like to shake hands with these Knights in Shining Personal Watercraft.

And it is even more puzzling since I know the Alderman is more than happy to expound on the virtues of this ward and would likely appreciate opportunities to market its diversity and community spirit.  Based on what Mr. Jet Ski's friends are saying, Jarvis Beach is a veritable oasis of upstanding citizens.  Come now ladies and gents, stand up and be publicly counted that we may all proffer our gratitude!

I feel safer already knowing that so many good and true citizens are standing watch at Jarvis Beach in between forays onto Lake Michigan in their PWC.  The whole world benefits.  Well, RP benefits.  No, actually just Jarvis Beach benefits and I am not entirely sure about that either, since I am curious as to how our intrepid protectors identify the "bad element of RP."  Is a case of mistaken identity ever possible?  Say the family group out for a picnic and fun in the sun, with Mom, Dad, a grandparent or two, and young children who are noisy because that is a trait of young children?  A family group that just happens to not live on Jarvis or Sherwin?  Are they part of the "bad element"?

Neither of these flacks for the paragons of virtue at Jarvis Beach discussed the legality of launching jet skis from the beach, or whether said PWCs should be launched only from designated locations, Diversey Harbor being one of them.  An important oversight that suggests my main issue is valid; the launchings are illegal.  Unfortunately for Mr. Jet Ski and his friends, if you are a person of virtue then you play that role pretty much 24/7.  You don't get to pick the laws you will obey regardless of how virtuous you may be.  It sounds like this bunch of well heeled citizens of status, including "Yes Virginia, off duty Chicago police" are deliberately violating the law, which in its own perverse way makes them a part of the "bad element of RP."

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