Friday, July 08, 2011

TSA searches woman's 'poofy' hair

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I wrote before about the Ministry of Love in Guilty Frogs.  The Ministry strikes again!  Feeling the love yet?

What is especially galling is that this is a black woman and there were numerous white female passengers with equally 'poofy' hair, yet she is singled out.  This was after she cleared the Almighty Imaging System.  And by the way, when you read the article you will see her remark that the TSA employee used the word 'poofy'.  Muffin tops beware, you may be next! Especially if you aren't white.

They can't stop a stowaway, but by golly they know how to paw through hair like you're a criminal about to enter a prison.  But of course to the TSA, that is just what she was.  Another guilty frog.

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