Monday, April 11, 2011

The Top 30 Oil Producers - A Reality Check

Over at The Oil Drum there is a post that reviews the Top 30 Oil Producers.  One of the immediate take aways is the fact that only 13 of the 30 are experiencing increasing production, and it is not enough to offset the declines occurring elsewhere.  The total production values by themselves are not solely oil.  In the case of the USA for 2009, just over 5 million bpd is crude oil.  The rest is natural gas liquids (propane, butane, etc.) and less than 1 million bpd is renewable fuels (ethanol).  The USA's production is showing a decrease for 2010.

These are just estimates, and the impact of the Libya fighting is not factored in since the numbers are from February.  Note also who is the current top producer, and it's not Saudi Arabia.  There will be additional posts giving more detail, but this one is a good overview of current situation.  The comments following the post are also interesting.

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