Monday, January 10, 2011

49th Ward Candidate Questionnaires

The Chicago Tribune has posted written questionnaire responses from three of the four candidates for the Ward 49 Alderman position.  I checked and the Board of Elections summary of decisions dated 1/8/11 has blanks in reference to Myers and Akins, so apparently their cases were not decided or the objections were overturned.  I have no way to tell.  Ben Myers has not responded to the Tribune.  At least there is no link to a response.  In the meantime, for your reading pleasure:

Ross Akins - I have never met Mr. Akins, but I haven't met everyone in the ward anyway.  My impression is that he hasn't a real clue and is not a candidate I would take seriously.

Brian White - Proposes a Financial Transactions Tax and a reduction/elimination in the city sales tax.  Puts up the numbers to back his proposal.  Also is the key supporter of the TIF/RIF, but supports TIF reform too.  As with anything having to do with money, the devil is in the details and he notes that in his proposal.  Has well thought out suggestions for what to do on several issues and offers detailed responses.  Comes across as reasonable and compassionate.  Overall, I think he can give Joe a run for the money.

Joe Moore - Nothing too new here.  Joe does what any incumbent would do; waves his accomplishments about.  He and Brian are generally on the same page, but Brian offers more specifics than Joe does and tends to take a harder line on some issues, such as pensions.  Joe wants the pensions funded but is not willing to go as far as Brian.  Joe supports TIF reform.  Joe has the advantage of being the incumbent and thus a known quantity.

Skeptics will question Joe's responses but I'd like to see what they have to say about any of the candidate responses.  

Blane Roberts appears to be left out by design as he is a write-in candidate.  I emailed a link to the questionnaire responses and asked if he had been contacted.  If he hasn't, and if he is willing, I'll be happy to publish his responses here.

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