Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Tax Compromise We Can All Despise

If you have been out of town, out to lunch, vacationing on Mars, or otherwise occupied, you probably missed all the noise about Obama's tax compromise with the Republicans.  His Democrat peers in the House and Senate are wailing, so much so that Pelosi has declined to introduce it into the House.  One might be lulled into thinking that the Democrats were the only ones upset, and one would be WRONG!!

Hell hath no fury like a Tea Party scorned!!

Grab the kiddies and head for the cellar Martha!  There's gonna be a whopper of a storm!

Personally, I am investing in chips, dip, and good ale.  This should be very entertaining.

For a more sober view of why this happened and is NOT The End Of The World As We Know It, read Clarence Page's take.  Sanity may yet prevail.

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