Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Shots Fired On Howard

Apparently I just missed the action.  I was at a meeting at the HOW office at 1607 W. Howard and left shortly after 7 PM.  About 9:30 PM I got a call from another attendee who left after I did.  She and the others still in the office heard popping sounds at some point after I left, and dove for the floor.  Shortly after sirens were heard and an ambulance pulled up.  I am fuzzy on the following, but here it is:

The Howard Philly Restaurant at Marshfield and Howard has security cameras, which may have caught the action.  No word on the beef, or the condition of the victim, other than he took a bullet through the shoulder and neck that lodged in his head.  The caller's car was caught up in the action too, taking a bullet through the rear bumper, which exited out and through a tire.  The shooter either was firing from the alley across from the restaurant, or was found there.  Not sure why the shooter would hang around, but like I said, I am fuzzy on some of this.

The amazing thing to me: timing is everything.  I almost stuck around but came home to take care of some stuff, so missed everything.  Can't say I am sorry I missed it.  The irony factor:  I was looking at the homicide map at the RedEye, and noted that since 1/1/2008 Rogers Park has had 12 murders.  Six occurred in 2008, 3 in 2009, and 3 (as of earlier today) in 2010.  I don't know if the victim is alive and, if he is, whether he'll survive.  We may be wind up with a 13th murder on that map.

ETA - The Tribune gets the rest of the story.  Not many would have the composure to get a cab and go to the hospital.  I guess the shooter was in the alley.  Wonder if I might have seen something when I left.  I may never know for sure.

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