Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Robert Hirsch - Interview

Robert Hirsch is the author of the 2005 Department of Energy report known as "The Hirsch Report."  This is the report that first discussed Peak Oil and the mitigations needed to avoid a serious fuel crunch in the future.  He has since co-authored a book, The Impending World Energy Mess (Dr. Roger Bezdek and Robert Wendling are the co-authors), which discusses what the authors foresee occurring in the next few years.  Most importantly, they discuss why there are no quick fixes, no matter what the proposed alternative is.  Before you rush out to buy this book, an important caveat; a chapter was included on climate change and apparently the authors are in denial about it, and used data known to be in error to make their collective point.  That aside, the reviews suggest it pours a big ladle of cold reality on those who think we can just seamlessly substitute one form of energy for another especially in the realm of transportation fuel.

However, if you would rather not buy the book yet are interested in what Dr. Hirsch has to say, have a listen to this 50 minute interview.***   Dr. Hirsch is no Chicken Little, but he clearly sees major change coming and soon.  He is a gracious interviewee, especially when responding to members of the tinfoil hat crowd who show up.  You'll recognize them the minute they open their mouths.  An interview worth listening to.

***  I recommend you use Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player to listen.  I tried it in Chrome, and the file hung up halfway through and would not restart or carry on.  I don't know what the media player was, I assume it was on the site itself or something Chrome was using.

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