Thursday, April 22, 2010

UpDate -- Coffee, Tea, Or.....

When I first wrote about the differences between the Tea Party Patriots and the Coffee Party I referenced the Ning community site, which bills itself as the Official Home of the Tea Party Patriots. Because the Ning site is a social networking site, it is Members Only. I thoroughly missed the real home of the Tea Party Patriots. That site is very interesting.

For one thing, it links to the New Patriot Journal, whose motto is Find the Truth, Report the Truth, Share the Truth. Since the Coffee Party is also in search of the truth it will be interesting to see if their respective takes on the truth ever converge. There is also plenty of info on upcoming events, and comments from members on what they are doing.

Frustrated and angry? Yup, and thoroughly convinced that they have the right answers. The New York Times/CBS Poll paints a picture of a white, Republican, 45 and older, college educated, demographic. They are not a bunch of wild-eyed, gun-toting evangelicals. Other polls suggest the demographic is more in line with America as a whole.

Unfortunately, no such information exists regarding the Coffee Party demographic, but I would be willing to bet that it skews to Democrats and Independents, and a younger age group. Hopefully someone will think to inquire about the demographic.

What the Coffee Party members share with the Tea Party Patriots is a passion to impact the political landscape and be heard. It is doubtful right now as to whether the Tea Party Patriots have made much of a difference. Their supporters say yes, detractors say no and I suspect the truth is still out there. The Coffee Party is not getting the same media attention as the Tea Party Patriots at this point so it is no easier to determine if they are making a difference. Given the way the group currently functions, and it's reliance on a self organizing process filled with diverse voices, it seems unlikely they have had any impact at all. They are using the Congressional break to meet with their local House representatives, so that may be the jumping off point for getting attention.

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