Friday, January 15, 2010

The Toddler Thanks Himself

Unfortunately I couldn't attend this forum but perhaps it's just as well I couldn't. They would have called 911 to resusicitate me after The Toddler made this comment:

“The first thing I would do is thank Todd Stroger for leaving the government in such good shape,” Stroger said during a lively campaign forum sponsored by the Union League Club of Chicago. “And then the next thing I’d do is I’d continue doing some of the things I’ve been doing.”

If this fool gets re-elected I don't want to hear the whining that will come. Either get your happy selves out to the polls and vote or go bury yourself in a hole somewhere and muzzle it. I cannot believe that in a standup vote he will win. He WILL WIN if we sit on our hands and bemoan the political state of affairs in the county rather than act. It's up to you!


The North Coast said...

Stroger actually SAID this? But no one would make stuff like this up- no satirist would put a line like that in one of his character's mouth because it is so lacking in subtlety that you can't imagine anyone actually saying it, even as a joke.

Crook County politicians are downright clownish in their crude corruption and ineptitude. They are bad caricatures of bad caricatures.

Unfortunately, Crook County citizens are also clownish in their submissiveness, and yes, their belief that somehow they, as individuals, can find a way to profit from the corruption. Don't you know that everyone has a dad or aunt or brother-in-law who is somehow "plugged in" to the local machine, and who therefore thinks he or she stands to benefit from BAU? Want B3.3 zoning for your house, or your kid is just out of college and needs a job? Just call someone you know who is tied into all this. We have too many "ordinary folks",tens of thousands of little people no one ever heard of, who owe their livelihoods to the machine, whether it's a city job or a special permit for a business that wouldn't be allowed otherwise, or forbearance from local authorities for whatever racket you're operating.

Kheris said...

I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried. I am not that creative. Truth can be stranger than fiction.

The North Coast said...

You mean you just aren't that crude and stupid.

You'd have to be on the Toddler's level mentally to think of something like that. You just couldn't stoop that low.