Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The CEOs Speak

At Peak Oil Reality you will find the following article along with links to interview videos with oil company CEOs and industry analysts.

I put this up in particular after getting into a verbal tussle with my Texas uncle. He refuses to consider the facts unless they are spouted by someone with "boots on the ground" so to speak. Well the boots are speaking, and what they have to say is not happy motoring news. If they can't get your attention no one can.


The North Coast said...

Trouble is, when someone with "boots on the ground" DOES speak, the mob says, "well, HE has a vested interest- he's an oil exec and he's just spouting crap about Peak Oil to justify hiking gasoline prices. Just LOOK at the profits those filthy oil companies made when oil got so high!!

People need to stop arguing, and judging arguments, on an "ad hominom" basis, by who the speakers is rather than the logic of what he is saying. Look to the facts underlying a statement, and verify those by checking them against many sources. I got a little frustrated when someone pointed out to me that the engineers and scientists I was quoting work for the nuclear power industry, and, well, what did I expect them to say?

Well, all experts in a particular field work for SOMEBODY, and you are correct in pointing out that oil industry insiders like Matthew Simmons and even Dick Cheney might have a tad more expertise and knowledge of matters on (or in) the ground, than some lawyer or pundit, like George Will, just as nuclear scientists and engineers might have better-reasoned beliefs backed by more solid knowledge than a lawyer like Amory Lovins.

Lets hope the Transition Town movement and the increased public awareness of enegy

The North Coast said...

Sorry for that dropped sentence at the end.

I meant to say: lets hope that increased public awareness of our energy situation inspires more people to seek knowledge on their own and discover the facts for themselves.