Sunday, July 05, 2009

The New 400 Theaters

The Village North movie theater at Columbia and Sheridan closed and in its place we now have the New 400 Theaters. I watched Ice Age 3 here. The theaters have been cleaned up, repainted, new carpeting and wall coverings in the hallways, and the moldy smell is gone. There are still 4 screens. The only downside tonight was the projection room did not get the movie fully up on the screen. During the final credits you could tell that something was being cut off at the bottom. I reported that on the way out and staff promptly went to tell management about the problem.

I hope it is going to be with us a long time. Public Enemies and Transformers 2 are there now, along with Ice Age 3 and Hangover. The website is up, but pages are still under construction. At $7.50/adult they are easily competitive with chain theaters charging more. Do check it out.

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