Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Warning! Warning! Danger News Aggregators!!

For those of us who like to quote from existing news sources this piece of news is sobering. Read it carefully, because if you are not in compliance..guess what!


Al Iverson said...

Keep in mind that if you limit your use of other people's content to appropriate snippets and links, not posting full news articles or blog posts from somebody else's site, you're already well in compliance here. If you quote whole news articles on your blog or elsewhere, you're already a thief, regardless of the AP and NY Time's new complaints.

As far as hassling search engines, this is just a death moan from a dying industry. Let Google fight with the NYT -- one of them has the money to fight it, and the other doesn't. My money's on Google.

The North Coast said...

I always obtain written permission from the author of the article before I paste the entire article, and I always attribute it to the author, as well as link it to the original.

Make sure that what you use, you have permission in writing from the publisher or author. Most bloggers are pretty generous about granting it.

Always attribute, and always link to the original, as well