Sunday, April 26, 2009

Transition Rogers Park

I attended the Earth Day event over at Loyola U yesterday, more on that in another post. The one thing that made it all really worthwhile was my discovery of the Transition Rogers Park group. Transition Towns are intended to be a response to the threats arising from Peak Oil, Climate Change, and the financial mess we are now in. That last was not necessarily an initial driver, but now that it is here, those who prepared are better off than the rest of us. The most well known of the Transition Towns is Totnes in England. The Rogers Park group is pretty new and I am glad to see it.

The Transition Network site provides real world insights, with a very important disclaimer (that you won't see anywhere else that I can think of); it might not work after all. However, we need to start somewhere and the Transition Town concept is meant to be community based, not run by the government. I think we can get it to work here in Rogers Park. Regardless, it is a starting point, and we have an opportunity to start figuring out how we deal with energy descent.

Those who have been following me here should consider signing up. For additional information, see this article.


The North Coast said...

Thanks for posting this. The Transition Town movement is a force for the good. It is cooperative instead of collective; it draws on every type of talent, it is flexible in it's approach instead of dogmatic, and it's inclusive and allows for many different types of individual adjustments that add up to a successful societal shift.

I joined, of course.

Cynthia Kasper said...

Thanks for the link love! We are looking forward to meeting you at one of our events in the near future. Please introduce yourself when you see us. ~Cynthia of Transition Rogers Park