Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tolerating Intolerance

Fred Phelps is one of the poster boys for intolerance, especially where gays are concerned. He has harassed the families of dead soldiers at the funerals, asserting that God is punishing America for tolerating gays. Not satisfied with that, he went international, asserting that Australia's horrific fires were God's punishment for similar transgressions, which shocked an evangelical friend of mine in the Land Down Under. Most recently his followers showed up at the University of Chicago, protesting the past employment of President Obama. The students were ready for the event, and provided some very entertaining entertainment. Not so entertaining, a comment from the Netherlands indicating that Phelps et al blamed the recent air crash in Amsterdam on God's unhappiness with the Dutch. That guy has serious issues about divine retribution.

I think the U of C response was just what was needed, not that Phelps & Company would see it that way.

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