Thursday, December 18, 2008

Majel Is Gone

Ran across this just now. It's only 4 hours old.

Majel Barrett Roddenberry is gone. She has finally rejoined the Great Bird of the Galaxy. I so enjoyed her as Nurse Chapel, and as Laxwanna Troi. I think that as Laxwanna she really showed that being an older woman didn't mean being a lump on a sofa. She was great fun, especially when she exasperated Deanna. I think the DS9 episode in which she was trapped in a lift with Odo was very touching. She let down her hair, literally, to demonstrate to Odo that she could be trusted. And poor Worf, who was always "Mr. Woof" to her. Laxwanna won't be around to needle him anymore.

Time marches on and claims all those we know or care about, even if tangentially. Goodbye Majel, it was a great ride.

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