Sunday, November 09, 2008

Well Du-uh!!

Imagine! The banks are using the bailout money to...Buy Other Banks!! Amazing! And here we all thought that the bailout was to save us from disaster due to overly tight credit, bad loans, yada..yada..yada. So of course a couple of Democratic Senators want Secretary Paulson to police the way the banks spend the money. Hellooooooooo! Our Congress-critters sure know when to start covering their behinds.

I voted against the folks in office; a)I wanted to throw the bums out and b) I wanted to have a balance against a Democrat President. Too bad my fellow Americans didn't join me on that one. In any case, we have a bunch of whack jobs on the Hill and we left them there. Let's write ourselves a letter to police their behaviour. How's that sound? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?


Moonglum said...

Well, I joined you, but we live in Chicago so it was a symbolic gesture.

The North Coast said...

The bailout never was about anything but guaranteeing fat centimillion dollar paychecks to finance CEOs, and rescuing the operations that created the mess and freeing them up to go do it again.

Shame on all our political leaders for letting Paulson & Co, who have never made a correct call, for terroriziing them into passing this Welfare bill for Wall St, at the cost of our future economic recovery.

These bailout efforts are not only not helping, but are prolonging the misery and pushing us that much closer to total government insolvency, just as similar interventions in 1929-33 only extended the misery and slowed the recovery.

Tom Mannis said...

Kheris said...

And your point in leaving a link to a blog?