Thursday, October 09, 2008

Stop IT!

To The Presidential Candidates -

Enough with the tit-for-tat campaigning about who is more righteous and has cleaner, more upright friends. ENOUGH!

This country's economy is on the ropes with a banking system that fears to let go of its cash, and investors running for the hills. The DOW went below 9,000, which is not a good thing and the NASDAQ is anemic too.

At the end of the day, Americans want to know just what you are going to do to keep the ship of state from sinking. Ayers and Keating are old news that has been picked apart to death. You want scandal? You ARE the scandal! Your lack of guts and spine in facing up to the facts with the American people are beyond appalling.

At the last debate McCain couldn't identify his priorities and when everything is a priority nothing is. McCain thinks we can drill our way out of our energy problems, which even the frontline folks in the oil patch know is pure BS. He wimped out on the question about sacrifice. Obama blames deregulation for all our woes, conveniently ignoring the complicity of both parties in creating this mess via legislation that altered the landscape. He won't say the hard words to Americans about conserving energy and changing how we use it, other than to suggest we "think" about it.

Each wants us to believe that he is the guy to trust. I'd be more likely to make that leap if you'd quit the pandering.

I read that McCain is going to really go after Obama hard in the next debate. Perhaps McCain will finally give us something to prove he is a 21st century thinker and not just relive his salad days in the Navy. Perhaps Obama will show us what a 21st century thinker comes up with as solid solutions to the economic challenges we face.

If this spirals into personal attacks, God help them both.

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