Sunday, October 12, 2008

Is this the slippery slope?

From The Oil Drum comes a link to The Automatic Earth and their take on current financial events. This is the same pair who gave us this assessment a year or so ago. I want their crystal ball.

The price of oil continues to fall. Looks great at the pump, but will the oil companies step up the pace on drilling in all those more exotic, and costly, locales? If the majors require support to do it, and financing is not there or more costly, what then? Valid questions in view of the slide occuring in this index. Also, the impact on companies doing exploration. They better be doing more than exploring.

Is a merger of auto titans in the offing?

Are we sinking more money down rat holes?

Chavez may be about to feel the pain from his decisions on oil. Wonder who he'll blame it on.

The impact of the financial crisis on trade. Pretty close to Main Street America in my book.

Finally, our experts offer offer more of the same to fix the financial mess. Sounds a lot like what is being done now or has been done in the past.

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