Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day is Done

Time for bed.

The DOW tanked 700+ points because "Toto we aren't in Kansas anymore." I thought it would happen, and I am sorry it did, but there it is.

The debates are over. Over at MySpace is a site devoted to the debates and featuring true believers of every stripe.

My tally - the first 2 for Obama, but not by a whole lot. This one, in my most humble opinion, was a tie. McCain came out swinging, but Obama didn't flinch. They both scored points, but basically a rehash of previous points is what we were treated to. Obama looked Presidential, McCain - not so much. Obama is correct, Bill Ayers has become the centerpiece of McCain's campaign because on the economy he hasn't brought up much that is useful and so he is trying to change the subject. I am not impressed by his mortgage plan. McCain still doesn't get it on the issue of drilling. To hear him tell it, we could drill now and have oil tomorrow and the world would be good. Not really.

Obama should have been more forceful. His Presidential bearing, while reassuring, needs more edge if he is to be convincing as someone who'll go on the attack if need be. Maybe I am projecting how I prefer to do business. This format was not great for him, and it showed in the way he delivered his responses.

20 days and counting. Let's see the overnight polls and find out what the rest of the viewers thought of the debate.

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