Sunday, July 27, 2008

Update on Gale Park

Late to update since I went to the fireworks at Venetian Night. Girls just want to have fun!!!

Craig has a post with pictures from the rally, and includes another about SEIU with film.

Something to keep in mind regarding the rally and what has occurred so far.

The Alderman's letter stated:

the Park District and the labor union are discussing a possible joint use of the Park District facility, with the Boys & Girls Club offering some programs and the Park District providing others

Eva told us at the rally that the Park District called her Friday to say that the center would be run and staffed by the Park District. I have no objection to the BGC offering some programs, I do object to their running the center. It would appear, based on the phone call to Eva, that they won't be running the center. That's one for the challengers, but we still don't know precisely what the role of BGC will be, and that does need to be addressed.

From the SubSpace Channel - Sloan from Section 31 reports that SEIU was annoyed with the Alderman for misrepresenting the discussions that had been held. Their issue was privatization, and initially he was not on board with their concerns. His late-breaking email blast of Friday did not help matters. So the participation by SEIU at the rally, and the comments by the rep, should not be a surprise to the Alderman. However, don't expect SEIU to disavow their relationship with Moore. In the long run all parties will kiss and make up, although one suspects the union will be watching the Alderman like a hawk.

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